Ministry Volunteer Openings

Immediate Ministry Volunteer Openings! 

If you would like to volunteer your services at New Salem, we would be glad to have you.  In order to serve, Discovery Class 101 has to be completed.  To sign-up to volunteer, please contact Monica Lamb at 614-930-2246.  

Ministry Volunteer Openings

Membership Department Needs:

  • Marriage Ministry Leaders (2)
  • Photo Ministry Volunteers (No limit)
  • Care Callers Leader (1)
  • Care Callers Volunteers (No limit)
  • Single Parenting Leaders (2)
  • Single Ministry Leaders for ages 34-54 (2)
  • Divorce Care Leaders (2)

Maturity Department Needs:

  • C.A.R.E. Group Leaders (No limit)
  • C.A.R.E. Group Participants (No limit)
  • Sunday School Assistant Leader (1)
  • Sunday School Children's Teachers (No limit)

Ministry Department Needs:

  • Ambassadors (No limit)
  • Altar Workers (No limit)
  • Ministry Recruiter Leaders (2)
  • Ministry Recruiter Volunteers (No limit)
  • Mifflin High School Planning Coordinators (2)

Missions Department Needs:

  • Community Dinner Leaders (2)
  • Community Dinner Meal Prep Cooks (4)
  • Community Dinner Volunteer Coordinator (2)
  • Community Dinner Kitchen Support (No limit)
  • Community Dinner Servers (No limit)
  • Evangelism Leaders (2)
  • Lifeline Prison Ministry Leaders (2)

Magnifications Department Needs:

  • Co-Leader of Divine Motion Children Dance Ministry (1)
  • Choir Members (No limit)

COO Department Needs

  • Front Desk Receptionist Volunteers (No limit)